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Mattress topper on the sofa – how to choose

Today, folding sofas with a mattress remain a topical option for a berth. Such bedding also needs care and protection from various external influences. The mattress topper on the sofa will help to preserve the attractive appearance and properties of the product – the combination of a reasonable price and current operational properties make it a practical acquisition.

For what purpose are mattress toppers needed?

Mattress covers for sofa mattresses and sleeping bases perform approximately the same functions as models for products on a bed:

  • Protection against dirt and liquids. The covers are sewn from modern materials that can take over spilled drinks, paints, traces of fallen food, and other products – and prevent them from penetrating the surface of the mattress itself.
  • Leveling the surface. Mattress toppers with a layer of filler help to make the surface of the berth more comfortable, which is especially important for sofas with folding mechanisms such as “click-clack”, “dolphin” or roll-out.
  • Changing the properties of the bed. Toppers – thick mattress toppers filled with natural and artificial materials allow you to make the sleeping area softer or harder, depending on the wishes of the sleeper.
  • Comfort and aesthetics. Even a thin mattress cover on the sofa prevents the bed linen from slipping and gives the unfolded sofa a neat and attractive look.

Which mattress topper is best for your sofa?

When deciding how to choose a mattress topper for a sofa and which model is better to buy, they primarily focus on their own needs and types of protective covers. Manufacturers today offer various types of products:

  • Regular thin. They are classic protective covers made of one or two layers of textile with various fastening options. They allow you to protect the sofa from dust, minor contamination, as well as rapid wear and tear.
  • Also called thin mattresses because they are made up of one or more layers of padding – and in some cases a block of micro springs – to help you sleep more comfortably and healthily.
  • Products with latex, coconut, special foams, and even a spring block. Mattress covers with such properties are recommended for use in case of problems with the spine.
  • Mattress covers for the sofa, allowing to completely block the ingress of moisture on the surface of the bed. Modern models are two-layer – they consist of a water-retaining membrane and a comfortable textile surface. They also conveniently fix bedding, preventing it from slipping over the surface.

How to attach the mattress topper to the sofa?

Full operation of the cover is possible only if it is securely fastened. Mattress covers can be fixed on the surface of the sofa in the following ways:

  • Elastic bands around the edges. One of the most common and versatile ways of fixing products, suitable for sofas with any folding mechanisms. The only drawback of such models is considered fragility: over time, the elastic bands stretch and weaken.
  • Stronger and more durable fastening compared to elastic – however, it is not very common due to the lack of opportunities for fixing the velcro on a number of models.
  • Fits completely on the sofa mattress, covering not only the top but also the sides. It can be zipped or with an elastic band around the perimeter. It is considered the most reliable and of high quality, but it can only be used in models of sofas with sedaflex mechanisms, where the berth is solid and has no joints.

How to choose the right mattress topper?

The answer to the question of how to choose a mattress topper and how to keep a mattress topper from sliding should not rest solely on cost. Experts recommend to be guided by the following criteria:

  • The size. The dimensions of protective covers for mattresses on a sofa are most often identical to the parameters of mattress toppers for beds. It is important to select products by size as accurately as possible – they should fit the mattress tightly, without straying or crumpling. To do this, it is worth carefully measuring the bedding before selecting the cover.
  • Sleepers’ needs. The composition of the cover depends on the wishes of those who will rest on it – it can be an ordinary thin fabric mattress topper, a topper with natural coconut or latex, or a waterproof product.
  • Dozens and even hundreds of manufacturers produce mattress toppers for sofas – however, large factories with a good reputation provide complete information on the composition and operation of the products.

The best solution would be to search for a protective cover for a sofa mattress in a large well-known store – in this case, you can count on both an extensive range and the quality of the product itself.

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