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How to tell if a japanese girl likes you?

There’s something alluring about Japanese girls. Maybe it’s the way they dress. Maybe it’s their culture, or maybe it’s just their exotic look. Whatever the case may be, you’ve probably noticed that these women are extremely attractive and interesting. If you want to know if a Japanese girl likes you, there are several ways to tell without approaching them directly as some people say they can be shy at first or even play hard to get before revealing their feelings towards someone else in public situations like this one where we are talking about how to tell if a japanese girl likes you here on our blog post today!

How to tell if a japanese girl likes you?

If she puts her hand on your leg, that is a sign of affection and intimacy. If she touches you in any way, it is a sign that she wants to be close to you.

If she puts her hand on your leg and then moves it upward toward the inside of your thigh, this means that she is interested in you sexually. You should tell her how much you enjoy the fact that she’s interested in making love with you!

How to tell if a japanese girl likes you

She’s always looking at you

A girl who likes you will always be looking at you. Not just in passing, but when she’s talking with friends or family members, or even when she’s in a group of people that doesn’t include you. She might be looking right at your face, or she might be staring off into space while thinking about something else altogether, but if her gaze keeps falling on yours for no reason whatsoever then it’s likely that she has an interest in getting to know you better.

This could mean:

  • She thinks it’s cute when people talk to each other from far away rather than up close and personal
  • She wants all the details about what happened between us last night while they were asleep

She doesn’t wall off her body language

Signs that a Japanese girl likes you:

  • She holds eye contact with you. If a Japanese girl likes you, she will maintain eye contact with you. If she can’t hold your gaze for more than a few seconds and then looks away, it’s a sign that she is interested in talking to but not really interested in getting to know someone more closely.
  • She touches you lightly on the arm or shoulder when greeting or saying goodbye (if this happens). This is very common in Japan!! Don’t be surprised if it happens to you! It’s not aggressive or sexual—it just shows familiarity and friendliness.
  • She smiles at you across the room (or even from across the street). Smiling at someone indicates friendliness, but not necessarily romantic interest; however, if this person smiles at another person as well (especially if they were previously engaged in conversation), then it’s probably just because they’re friendly—and perhaps also because they haven’t had an opportunity yet this evening to say hello before now!

She walks slowly

If you’re walking down the street and a girl is coming toward you, it can be tempting to walk at the same speed to get past each other as quickly as possible. But if she’s interested in talking to you, she might slow down or stop altogether so that when you pass her by, she’ll be right next to you (and easily accessible). This isn’t an automatic sign that she likes you; there could be other reasons why someone would want to walk slower than normal—but it’s worth noting.

She sits closely to you

If she really likes you, she’ll sit close to you. This is a very common sign that a Japanese girl likes you. She might even put her arm on your arm or hand on your leg if she’s sitting next to you in a crowded place like an elevator or bus.

If she wants to make sure that people know that she’s with someone, then she will sit close by and keep her arm around him or put her hand on his shoulder when they walk together through the street.

She smiles when she rejects you

When she smiles when rejecting you, it’s a good sign that she likes you. If a girl is smiling when she rejects you, then it means that she isn’t serious about rejecting you. She might be feeling shy or embarrassed to reject your romantic advances politely, so she might have used humor as the mechanism to do so.

If the girl who rejected your romantic advance was smiling at various times during the conversation and even after she said goodbye to you, then there’s no doubt that she may have been interested in being friends with you but didn’t want to admit it outright because it would hurt your feelings.

She calls you by your first name insted of “kun” or “senpai” etc

If a girl calls you by your first name, this is usually a sign of familiarity and comfort. In Japan, it’s common to use the suffix “-san” at work or school when addressing superiors, but with friends and family members who are usually younger than you, calling someone by their first name is perfectly acceptable. If a Japanese girl casually greets you without using -san or any other honorifics like -kun or -senpai (which indicate respect), then she might be interested in getting closer to you.

Another way to test this hypothesis is if she uses your first name when referring back to something that happened earlier in the day or week—like how she told everyone about the delicious lunch she had at work yesterday…and made sure they knew it was all thanks to you!

She asks for your advice on something

If a girl asks you for advice on something, it could be a sign that she is interested in you. She might ask for your opinion on her outfit or what to say to a potential suitor. She could also ask about your past relationships and how they ended, if at all. The more she asks the more likely that she likes you!

She likes the same things as you do

If a girl likes you, she’ll be able to talk about your hobbies with you. She will see the value in your interests and enjoy them as much as you do.

You can tell if a girl likes the same things as you by comparing her answers to some of the following questions:

  • What are three of your favorite movies?
  • What are three of your favorite books?
  • Which sports team is your favorite?

If she only answers one or two of these questions without hesitation, chances are good that she doesn’t share very many interests with you. However, if she freely gives detailed answers for all five questions above and has even seen some of the same movies/books/teams as you have then it’s likely that this woman truly understands and appreciates what makes up an important part of who you are!

Is she staring at me?

If a woman is attracted to you, she will often stare at you in order to gauge your reaction. She may also stare because she is nervous around you and feels embarrassed about it. When she stares at you and sees that you don’t mind or even return the gaze, then it can be taken as a sign that she likes you. If a girl looks away after noticing that you’ve been staring back at her, then this could mean that she has other intentions besides just flirting around with someone new.

Another possible reason for her staring behavior could be because she wants to try and figure out what type of person you are. By observing how we act in certain situations where we don’t know anyone else present (like at work), people can tell what kind of character traits someone possesses by looking for clues such as facial expressions when meeting new people who aren’t familiar faces yet already seem friendly enough toward others around them before even saying anything themselves; not being able to make eye contact with strangers makes us appear insecure about ourselves so avoiding eye contact altogether helps alleviate some anxiety associated with being introduced into social situations where there’s no guarantee anyone will like us back!


The next time you’re at a party or the bar and are trying to figure out whether that girl is into you, look for these signs. If the girl is doing all of them, then chances are she has a crush on you!

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