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How To Style French Tip Nails In The Summertime

Whether you’re into french manicure design or nail art, the summer months are the perfect time to try something new. From butterflies and cheetah girls, to french tip designs, there’s a french manicure design for every nail enthusiast out there.

There are many different ways to design a french manicure during the summer months. The classic french manicure design is still an option, but why not try something different? In this blog, we’re covering different french tip nail designs that will suit your needs and look amazing.

Holographic French

French tip nails are one of the most popular nail styles on the market today. They’re characterized by the tip of the nail being shaped like a French manicure, with a french tip shape and white or silver base color.

Holographic French nails are another way to add extra flare to your look. They’re similar to holographic nails in that they feature intricate designs and colors, but instead of using holographic nail polish, the nail is covered with silver polish.

To achieve hologographic french nails, start by applying a base coat of polish. After this, apply a layer of silver holographic nail polish over the base coat. Finally, apply a final layer of regular nail polish to finish off the look.

How To Style French Tip Nails


French tip nails are the perfect accessory for the summer because they are light and airy. To style French tip nails, use a cream or light color to paint your nails in thin coats. This will allow the nail polish to shine and last longer on your nails. Once you’re done, use a finely-pointed nail file to remove any rough edges or bubbles on your nails. Finally, add a few butterflies (or other summer-appropriate designs) to your nails for an extra touch of glamour! Whether you’re going for a classic look or a unique twist, french tip nails are the perfect accessory for the summer season.

V-Shaped Tips

French tip nails are the perfect style for summertime. When choosing the look, consider your outfit and the color of your nail polish. Choose a color that compliments the outfit and will accent the look without making it too flashy.

Start by applying a base coat to the nail and then go ahead with the french tip manicure. This will help protect the nail from chipping and staining. After completing the manicure, use a top coat to seal the color and protect it from water damage. It should look shiny and beautiful on your nails.

After trimming the tips of the nails, you should have french tip nails that look perfect and symmetrical. They can also be trimmed short or long as per your preference.

Cheetah Girls

French tip nails are the hottest nail trends this summer. If you’re looking for a way to add some interest to your manicure without breaking the bank, consider styling French tip nails. That involves applying nail polish in the shape of a french tip, ombre effect, or gradient to your nails.

There are several different styles you can try out, including ombre nails, leopard prints, and stripes. If you’re new to french tip nails, there’s no better place to get started than a nail salon. There, you can learn how to apply french tip nails effectively and safely.

Tips for choosing the right french tip polish include keeping your nails pale and clean, choosing a nude or white color that matches your natural nail color, and avoiding glittery nail polish. Additionally, it’s important to remove french tip nails without damaging them. This is easier with the help of nail polish remover but can also be done with gentle pressure from a nailbrush or soft cloth.

Mix and Match

When it comes to french tip nail art in the summertime, there are a few tips you can follow to achieve the perfect look. Start by applying a base color to your nails using either a gel or polish. This will add intensity to the colors you use and help them shine brightly under the sun. After applying the base color, add different highlights using different colors and designs. Use gel or polish that adds extra shine to the nail art and improves its longevity. Lastly, make sure your nails are completely dry before applying any additional layers of polish or gel. This will ensure the nail art doesn’t become muddy, and you can avoid using too many colors at once to avoid making your nails look too busy. Lastly, finish with a topcoat to protect the nail art and prevent it from fading over time. By following these tips, you can create beautiful french tip nail art in the summertime without wasting too much time or effort on it.

Why Do They Call It a French Tip?

French tips are a type of nail that has a triangular shape instead of the traditional round one. They’re popular for the same reason as their round counterparts – they look elegant and stylish when styled in the summertime. To style french tips, you’ll need a high-quality nail polish and a nail file. Once you’ve applied the polish, gently smooth the tip using the nail file, being careful to maintain the shape of the tip. A tip pen can also be used to add additional detail to your nails.

Filing french tips straight rather than at an angle is essential to avoid breaking them. This will keep them around longer and look pristine for longer.


To get the look of french tips, you should try the above-mentioned tips and styles. While experimenting with your nail art design, choose the design that works best for the shape of your nails. You can opt for different nail art designs such as butterflies, hearts, stars, and more. They look great on all nail shapes and designs. If you have any questions regarding french manicure design, feel free to comment below. Happy nail art design!

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