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How to Repair a Damaged Glass Cooktop With Proper Care

The repair of a damaged glass cooktop is a job that must be done by experts. This way, damage to both the new glass and the electrical components can be avoided. In this article, we will present how to prevent the glass from breaking with proper care.

To find the service center that can take care of replacing the glass in your induction plan, you can do a quick Internet search. Thus, you can directly locate the specialists operating in your area online and ask for a quote.

If the plan is not under warranty, the prices to change the glass are quite high. For example, for 60 cm tops, only the spare costs between 140 dollars and 160 dollars to which you must add the cost of the repair.

replacing glass cooktop

Once you have chosen the professional to whom you entrust the work, you just have to make the appointment the most comfortable day and time for you. You can have the glass on the induction hob repaired and return to delight your family and friends with your kitchen.

How to prevent the glass from breaking?

To avoid damaging the glass of the induction hob, take some precautions:

Blunt objects should not be used on the glass-ceramic in order not to risk chipping it. The pots and pans should not be dragged on its surface to avoid damage to the glass. With the glass-ceramic, only stainless steel pans must be used. Those in terracotta and aluminum are not good.

For ordinary cleaning use a simple damp microfibre cloth with a little washing-up liquid diluted with water to remove grease and oil.

For extraordinary cleaning, the removal of limestone stains uses only specific detergents for glass ceramic or a home-made solution with white vinegar diluted with a little lemon juice.

Remove scratches from damaged glass cooktop

You will need to:

  • Toothpaste.
  • Ammonia.
  • Metal cleaner.
  • Sodium bicarbonate.
  • Cotton.
  • Cotton rags.

Remove scratches from damaged glass cooktop

We start with one of the most used tricks. It is to apply toothpaste. It usually works for small and not very deep scratches, but it can give a good result depending on the specific case. Put a small amount of white toothpaste on a cotton cloth. Rub the damaged area until the scratch disappears, you can repeat the action if you see it necessary. Use a clean cloth to remove the remains of paste.

Another tip to remove scratches from your ceramic hob is to use an ammonia solution. You should mix half a liter of water with about 20 ml of ammonia, wet a soft cloth and rub in circles on the damaged area. Repeat the process if you consider it necessary until the scratch disappears.

Another way to remove scratches from the hob is by using metal cleaner. Use a small amount of cleansing cream with a soft cloth or even with cotton discs. Before applying it throughout the plate, make a small test in a less visible area. If you see that it works, proceed to distribute the lotion throughout the damaged area. When you rub by scratches, do it gently and circular movements.

Then remove the remains of cleaner with a damp and clean cloth. After all this operation, If there are still scratches, you could reapply the cream with a soft sponge.

The last remedy is to use baking soda. You must mix the bicarbonate with water so that a consistent and dense paste is created. It can easily spread over any surface. It should not be dry because it could spoil the plate. Apply the paste with a soft cloth on the damage and rub carefully. Then proceed to remove the remains of the bicarbonate mixture with a clean cloth until it is dry.

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