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How to Make a Halloween Costume? Mummy, Corpse Bride, Werewolf, Mexican Skull

This Halloween, you want to leave them all with their mouths open? Then we suggest that you opt for one of these original costumes with which you will get a terrifying appearance and very funny! They are costumes that go beyond the clichés of the Dracula or zombie costume (which are already widely seen), thus betting on less seen, fresh and different options. Are you signing up to discover them? Keep reading this article in which we tell you how to make a Halloween costume.

How to make a halloween costume?

We start with one of the most amazing costumes of the night of the dead. It is about taking advantage of pregnancy to give it a terrifying touch by emulating that the gestating baby crosses the mother’s body, taking out the limbs and, if you want, also the head. It is quite a gloomy option and it can cause even repulsion, but the truth is that it is one of the most suitable for this special day.

In addition, doing it is very simple! You just have to take a doll, cut off the legs, arms and head (if you want, if not, only with the limbs you will get that effect) and stick it on a white shirt as if the baby were coming out. To give it a more realistic look, splash some red paint around the pieces and across the shirt.

To give the Halloween touch to your costume, it is best to put a mini pumpkin in one of the baby’s arms, a symbol of this day. Thus you will be able to emphasize that the child has a life of his own and wants to go out to celebrate the party with you.

Mummy costume

Mummy costume

Another of the best options to make an original Halloween costume is to wrap your whole body and impersonate a mummy just out of the sarcophagus. It is one of the costumes that can be more elaborate but, the truth is that its creation is very simple since you will only need white clothes and then several rolls of bandages that will serve to cover your body.

Above all, to be completely comfortable, we recommend that you wear white leggings or tights and a narrow T-shirt so that there are no bags and it is uncomfortable when you surround yourself with the bandages. Afterward, you just have to roll up these bandages from the bottom to the top without tightening too much so that you can move. To fix them, you can use a stapler or glue. Thus, you will prevent the costume from falling apart in the middle of the night.

It is recommended that the eyes and hands are not bandaged. You can also leave the part of the face free to avoid being overwhelmed, as you want! You will have to try because if you leave something of your body in the air, it must be made up of grayish and black tones to increase that terrifying aspect.

Corpse Bride Costume

Corpse Bride Costume

Tim Burton created Emily, the protagonist of the film “Corpse Bride,” a milestone in his filmography and a perfect character to dress up on Halloween night. It is a costume for girls that combines the wedding dress with dark elements, typical of the dead world.

To achieve this look, you will have to get a long white dress (similar to that of the bride), but that is old and that you are willing to tear and dirty because it must give the appearance that the girl returns from the world of the dead. The best thing is that the suit is strapless or strapless since one of the characteristic elements of the character is that his arm is skeletal. So, we recommend that you make it up black and draw the bones with white paint, you will be total!

The corpse bride’s body must be completely blue, so both the face and the neckline and the other arm must be painted blue. The hair also has a bluish tone, so you can choose to paint it with a spray of this color or, if you prefer, you can use a wig. Something characteristic is that it wears a flower crown, so on your hair, you should put a flower headband to achieve the perfect look.

Werewolf Costume

Werewolf Costume

Another of the mythical characters of horror films and mythology are werewolves, so an original Halloween costume will be to dress up as this fearsome being. Also, its preparation is very simple because you will only have to get hold of false teeth, old clothes (as we will have to tear them a little and get them dirty) and furry fabric patches that you can perfectly find in any costume store.

The idea is that you dress in a shirt and jeans that show rips and that can get dirty. Under each torn piece, you will need to glue a piece of cloth patch with fur to make it appear that your skin is full of fur, just like werewolves. The neck and chest will also have to be with these patches to achieve a realistic effect. Nor should you forget the typical fangs of the werewolf. You will be in total!

The hairstyle should also be disheveled, as you have become a wild animal that lives in the forest. The same goes for your face, which you will have to make up by painting your nose black, putting shadow around your mouth and drawing false dark circles in your eyes.

Mexican skull costume

Mexican skull costume

Another of Halloween’s best costumes is that of the Mexican skull, a very colorful and somewhat scary costume. The secret of this type of clothing lies in the makeup because you must paint your entire face white and then give it all the typical details: the eyes painted round and with dark tones, the nose painted black to look like a skull, red lips and black vertical stripes to give it a more sinister touch, etc.

The forehead and chin are free for you to add the drawing you want: from cobwebs to bouquets, whatever you can be part of your suit! What you should not leave aside is to wear a lot of flowers on your head: you can wear a crown or lose flowers, but it should give the image that you are full of flowers.

As far as clothing is concerned, it is best to dress in a skirt and a T-shirt with a skeleton drawn. Thus, you will give more the feeling of being a corpse. The skirt can be as you want: short, long, medium, etc. Yes, it has color, flowers, or a colorful pattern because this Mexican symbol has a wide range of colors.

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