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How to Get a Job in Ireland Easily as a Foreigner

The Irish labor market is quite competitive, and in which the training of the plaintiff is one of the primary factors that conditions and derives access to work in Ireland. The labor trend in Ireland indicates that only those with the complete curriculum get jobs. According to some experts, the cities that offer the greatest job placement possibilities are Dublin, Belfast, Dundalk, Cork, Limerick and Galway. Here are some tips on how to get a job in ireland.

How to get a job in Ireland?

You will need a good internet connection and a curriculum vitae.

  • Contact your country’s embassy in Ireland to find out about Ireland’s employment situation and visa.
  • Go to the Irlanday government website for the “employment and training” option – https://www.gov.ie/en/.
  • Search Google for the keyword related to your profession and add Ireland, visit all the web pages that appear in the first five pages of the search engine, they are the most interesting job offers in Ireland.
  • Leave your resume on the most important websites to find a job in Ireland.
  • Visit the websites of the most important newspapers in Ireland to find job offers.
  • Visit directly to the best-known companies in Ireland, especially those related to your training and do it during the most hired times, September and January.

how to get a job in ireland as a foreigner

Now, you have to search for the job online. Let’s know it.

How to search for a job online?

The digital era has changed many things: the way we interact, the way we communicate with others and also the strategies to get a job. The job searches on the Internet has great advantages, especially at the level of time optimization, because you can send your curriculum to more people in a lesser amount of time and without leaving your home.

Make a CV

The first thing you should do is check your resume, make sure it is up to date, well written and that it highlights everything that an employer needs to know about you, including skills, languages, and tools you handle.

Convert this file to PDF and save it with your name and position, example: Mary Alvino, like many websites, provide you with the email of the employer to send your CV directly and it should be clear from the first moment who you are and what position do you aspire.

Currently, there are many sites dedicated specifically to job search, some generic and others more specific, inclined to certain professions, it will be convenient to analyze which one suits you best depending on what you do.

It is important to write your CV properly so that you have to copy and paste the information on your profile. If you have letters of recommendation on some websites, you can also add them.

One of the search websites and employment biggest highlight is Info jobs, which works for many countries with a huge amount of job offers.

Show your skill

Dedicate yourself to graphic design, animation, programming, art direction, creation, writing, architecture to careers linked to the world of creation and digital and audiovisual media.

There is a website designed for those who want to earn some extra money. This is an Infolancer where you can find applications for freelancers in the areas of communication and letters, business administration, technology, health, professional jobs, among others, without a doubt a great option.

The area of marketing, marketing, technology and design, which has grown so rapidly in recent years, has another representative in the world of job search.

Try social media platforms

Facebook has stopped being a simple social network to see and comment on the photos of friends and has become a useful tool in the job search. If you enter your account and place the phrase “I am looking for a job” or “job offers in the Ireland” or keywords of that style, you will find several profiles dedicated to it.

And if it is a social network specifically designed for professionals, you cannot skip Linkedin, create your profile, invite all contacts with whom you have worked or are managed in your area. Then, request letters of recommendation and use your search engine.

Remember that the Internet has made the job search much simpler. Do it at any time of the day and from home. The attitude should always be the same: optimism, perseverance and above all, a lot of patience. Good luck!

To increase your chances of finding a job in Ireland, you must have updated the curriculum vitae. It is advisable to attach a cover letter to your resume explaining your motivations to get this job.

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