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How to Fix a Dripping Tap? Quick and Easy Method

Have you ever been desperate for a tap that does not stop dripping? At some time or another, this situation may suddenly occur in any home and, although it is normal to feel some discomfort for it, the truth is that this water leak can end up causing a rise in your next bill or pay a good amount for a Plumber come fix it. If you want to avoid it, you just need to identify what type of tap it is and have the necessary tools. Here, we explain how to fix a dripping tap by performing simple and effective repair.

How to fix a dripping tap?

Follow these steps to fix the dripping tap :

  • Close the passage of water.
  • Check the type of tap and look for parts.
  • Remove the tap.
  • Replace damaged spout parts.
  • Check that you have fixed the leaking tap.

Turn off the water to fix the tap

How to Fix a Dripping Tap

Before you start repairing the dripping tap, you must stop the leak. To do this, look for the water stopcocks at the bottom of the faucet and close them, so that you can manipulate and inspect the faucet completely, without fear of water suddenly coming out. Once you have closed the water passage, it is time to identify what type of tap you have. Remember that knowing the origin of the drip will be essential to repair the tap optimally. You can repair a damaged glass cooktop by following the method.

Check the type of tap and look for parts

How to Fix a Dripping Tap

After closing the water passage and checking the type of tap you have, make sure you have spare parts available for parts that may have caused the leak. As we have said, the most common is that the passage of time has reduced parts such as rubber washers, gaskets or seals. Check the type of tap and look for the supplier that can send you the necessary parts for repair or maintenance.

Remove the dripping tap

This is undoubtedly one of the toughest parts of repair work. To do this, you must take into account what type of tap you have (if it is a mixer or two handles).

Stripping two handle faucets: pry with great care not to break the handle (an accessory that is on the thread). Once you have removed this part, you will see a screw that can be easily removed using a screwdriver or Allen key, of appropriate size. Once you have unscrewed it, you can remove the control and observe the entire mechanism inside the tap.

Disassemble single-lever faucets: as in two handles, you must remove the plastic cap that allows you to adjust the temperature of the water to access the screw that is just below. Unscrew it and pull the handle up.

Replace damaged spout parts

How to Fix a Dripping Tap

To carry out the replacement of the parts that cause the leak, you must follow these steps:

  • Unscrew the pressure nut (clockwise) and pull the cover out to access the old washer and remove it with a screwdriver.
  • Grease the threads of the pipe and reinstall it in the valve cap.
  • Grease the new washer and re-screw the nut or replace a new part if it is damaged. Use plumbing grease for it.

Take note of these tips to change damaged faucet parts:

  • In case of repairing a two-handle tap that drips down the thread, the main problem may be that the nut has been loosened, so simply by tightening it using a wrench, you can solve it.
  • If it is the rubber seal that has been damaged, you must replace it and then reassemble the control as it was.
  • In case of repairing a single-lever tap that drips down the thread, you must carefully remove the washer.
  • Remove the pad or piece of ceramic and also the gaskets that are made of rubber and are located inside the tap. Having broken down is the most common cause.

What causes a tap to drip?

The leaking tap happens in any home. You should not be alarmed, it happens in your home, but you must detect the reason for the leak to be able to repair it quickly, easily and efficiently.

In single lever faucets with ceramic cartridge, which we usually find in the shower, kitchen or sink, what usually causes the dripping is, generally, that the cartridge does not close properly. This deficiency is usually due to impurities caused by water lime or accumulated dirt. So, this does not happen. It is always advisable to remove the lime from the taps and any possible dirt that may remain in the recesses.

While it is recommended to replace the cartridge, it is important to follow the instructions of the tap manufacturer, since there is no standard cartridge for any brand.

Two-handle faucets with conventional multi-turn mounts

The main reason for the leakage of water in these faucets is a failure in the seal. It is due to time and use may deteriorate. The more this piece is pressed, the shorter its life cycle is shortened. In these cases, it is best to change the part directly.

Two handle faucets with ceramic mount and ¼ turn opening

For these faucets, what usually causes the dripping is a fault either in the ceramic mount or in the on/off valve. The best solution is to replace the part completely.

The dripping of a tap can also occur due to the poor condition of the connection hoses. It may indicate that the life of this flexible plastic tube has ended, so it is necessary to change it.

Whatever the reason for the drip, it is essential to remedy it as soon as possible to save water and money. Rubber washers, fasteners or worn joints are usually the sources of most dripping faucets. To remedy it, you will have to look for the main cause and fix the tap to extend its useful life, usually by changing the broken or unadjusted part.

Final words,

As soon as you have changed the damaged part that caused the dripping of the tap, reassemble it whole. Then, open the water and see that the leak has been solved. If it no longer drips, you will have managed to repair the tap on your own. However, if you still drip or see other problems, it is time for you to call a plumbing professional. Read also: how to prevent pest infestation in the kitchen.

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