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How to Delete Spotify Account From Smartphone and Computer

We will explain how to delete your Spotify account permanently. When you delete accounts from services such as Facebook or Google, the steps to take are usually relatively simple regardless of whether the options are more or less hidden. But with Spotify, deleting the account is a two-part process.

How to delete Spotify account?

Cancel your subscription to Spotify Premium if you have one, so we will start explaining how to do this. Then, you can start the process to permanently delete your account, losing your saved music, your playlists and your followers, and not being able to use the same username again if you register again.

First, cancel your subscription

You must first cancel your Premium subscription. You have it. Go to the official Spotify website and click on the Profile button in the upper right corner. Doing so will open a menu, in which you must click on the Account option that will appear in it.

cancel spotify subscription

Once you enter the Account menu, you must search and click on the Subscription option in the right column of options. It’s almost at the end of the whole, so you’ll have to go down a little to see it.

You will go to a screen where you will be informed about the payment plan you have subscribed to, including data such as the money it costs you or when it will be renewed automatically. You must click on the Change or Cancel button that you will see in green at the top.

Cancel Premium subscription

You will go to the page where you can cancel all your plans. Here you have to end by clicking on Cancel Premium to delete your payment account and return to Spotify Free. You will be asked for a confirmation where you must click Yes, Cancel, and when you do, your Premium Spotify account will have been deleted and you can proceed to delete your account permanently.

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Now delete your account permanently

To delete your user account, you will have to be a free user. Therefore you must first delete your subscriptions as we have taught you. Once done, to delete the account, you will have to go to the Help section. You should enter THIS LINK, which will take you to a help index where you must click on the Account section that you have in second place.

You will now be shown different queries related to things you can do with your account. Here, you must click on I want to close my account that you have in third place permanently, and that will take you directly to the options to close it.

Close account

cancel spotify subscription

And that’s it. You will enter a screen where you are told everything you are going to lose, and where you must click on the option Close account and follow all the steps that are told later to proceed.

Spotify is one of the most used services for something because it always provides the results you want to get and that is why it is still so popular. Also, it is a free service with the possibility of paying for a “premium” service, which has several advantages. Although Spotify is a very good platform for streaming music, there is always the possibility that you get tired of the service and want to delete your account.

Delete your account permanently

After canceling your premium subscription, you have had it. It is time to proceed to delete your account, definitely by going to the corresponding section. Then step by step.

  • Go to www.spotify.com from your PC or your Android or iOS mobile and login.
  • Once the session is started, go down to the bottom of the website and in the Company section, click on “About.”
  • In the “Customer support and service” sector, click on point 3, which indicates “Contact form”.
  • Choose “Account” and then “I want to permanently close my account”.
  • In the box that says, “We miss you,” click on the “Close account” button.

Confirm the deletion of your account.

Delete Spotify account from the computer

Deactivating your Spotify account from a computer is quite simple and you can choose to do it either via browser or via the desktop program: all you need is a little patience and a few minutes of free time.

If you have chosen the browser, first connected to the Spotify website, click on the login item at the top right (or first click on the ☰ icon, then on the login item). Then, log in to your Spotify account by entering the credentials access or logging in with Facebook using the appropriate button.

Keep in mind that if you have activated Spotify Premium through a telephone company and make the payment by credit balance or directly on the invoice. The procedure to be carried out for canceling the subscription changes completely. You must cancel the subscription directly from your page personal at your manager’s site.

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