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How to combine modern and retro

Many people love the look of vintage decor mixed with a modern interior. Vintage or retro furniture or accessories are a great way to infuse your space with some traditional charm and texture, and make your home unique with nuances full of character. It can be a challenge to imagine anything vintage looking great with a modern sofa, for example, so here are some tips:

  1. Make the most of some patina

The visual attractiveness of vintage pieces often results from their aged and worn appearance. It is the age-related signs that provide their signature vintage appeal in the form of a ‘patina’ that can act to warm up a room.

Pairing with a solid colour achieves a nice visual balance of old and new. For example, an old rough repurposed coffee table in the living room is a stylish visual counterpoint to a clean leather upholstered sofa. Another good look is to pair with a smooth texture such as soft rug, crisp sheets and other luxury textiles.

  1. Mid-Century Lines

There is a wealth of beautiful mid-century pieces on the market today. Among the classic designs, the pieces are clean-lined making them great for mixing into modern space. For a clear contemporary design with an air of sophistication. For example, imagine a polished antique table paired with the sleek lines and smooth shapes of a modern chair. Mix with brass to add a stylish modern glimmer. In addition, brass makes for an eye-catching and warming visual contrast to polished wood furniture. For a range of imitation mid-century furniture, consider a site like Pash Classics for rocking chairs to the iconic Egg Chair.

  1. Go Bold with Vintage Woods

Lots of great vintage pieces feel particularly out-of-place in modern homes because of their dark wood (not to mention the ornately carved details). When it comes to the great antiques, such as storage pieces, consider pairing bold with bold. Antique woods can be paired with bright colours to compensate for the dark wood tones. Light colours and patterned fabrics can be an effective match for dark wood vintage furniture. Imagine dark wood cabinets in the bedroom mixing beautifully with marble or blue wallpaper for a modern fun look.

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  1. Add a Statement Antique

If you want to make a real statement mixing old with new, choose a vintage or retro piece with tons of history. This will act as a stand out piece from the rest of your furnishings in any room. The statement piece can be balanced by going large with something modern and sleek that complements the grandeur of your vintage design. What contemporary designs may lack in history, they can still make up for in boldness and sophistication. For example, an antique grandfather clock balanced by a modern bold-coloured sofa, Egg Chair or a large-scale piece of art that will be truly eye-catching.


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