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Five health trends for 2020

In recent years, the trend for ‘wellness’ has become something of a revolution. Thanks to this revolution, we can now easily find ways to look at ourselves in a new light.

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Sexual health

London is one of the most stressful places to live and work. With property prices skyrocketing and jobs in shorter supply, many of us will be guilty of neglecting ourselves.

One of the most fundamental aspects of our health that gets overlooked is our sexual health; however, sexual liberation has never been more prolific than in current years. One place to start your journey is by picking up chlamydia testing kits Bexley GP surgeries will stock these and can make the process discrete and simple.

It has never been easier to use chlamydia testing kits Bexley, as residents can pick these up simply and quickly.

Exercise as medicine

Did you know that in addition to burning calories, a good workout releases ‘’happy’ hormones and can really set you up for the day? Just by having a 45-minute workout, swimming or even taking a brisk walk, we can lift our mood.

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It will be no surprise to learn that what we put into our bodies has a direct effect on how we feel and how we perform in everyday life. This includes the food we eat and what we drink – good fuel equals a good engine. If we treat our body like a machine, it can be easier to put the right things in.

Higher healing

A brand-new trend for 2020 is Apollo technology. This exciting bit of kit looks like a watch – without the clock face – and delivers vibrations that can reduce stress, leading to higher focus and a happier wearer.

Mental health

Following on from the first point, the best relationship you should have with yourself is with your mind. With online dating being in constant use for some, even something as simple as realising that you may need to get chlamydia testing kits Bexley is good for your mental health. You can source these easily from surgeries and pharmacies.

Whichever of these new trends you wish to try, the first step should always be to take a good look at yourself and realise that you can achieve anything.

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