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Can Birds Eat Twizzlers?

Birds are some of the most intriguing creatures in nature, but many misconceptions exist. In this article, you’ll learn what sort of bird may be able to eat a Twizzler and how to prepare a Twizzler for your feathered friends.

What is a twizzle?

Twizzlers are a candy made from sugar, corn syrup, and dextrose. They are wrapped in a paper-thin layer of chocolate. Many people think birds can’t eat Twizzlers because the paper-thin chocolate layer is too thin. However, birds can digest the chocolate in Twizzlers just like humans can. The sugar and corn syrup help break down the chocolate into smaller molecules that the bird can absorb.

Can birds eat Twizzlers?

Yes, birds can eat Twizzlers. They often do! Whether it’s a bird that finds them in the wild or one that you feed at home, Twizzlers are a favorite snack for many birds.

There are many different reasons why birds might eat Twizzlers. Some birds like the taste because it is sweet and some birds like the crunchy texture. Some birds even use the Twizzlers as tools to get food from other animals. Whatever the reason, Twizzlers are a great snack for birdies!

What types of Birds can eat Twizzlers?

Many different types of birds can eat Twizzlers. Some of the birds that can eat Twizzlers include cardinals, parrots, and blue jays.

Twizzlers are a type of candy that is popular with birds. Some birds that can eat Twizzlers include parakeets, macaws, and cockatiels.

How to determine if the bird is hungry enough to eat a Twizzler?

So you’ve got a hungry bird in your hand, wondering if it would be okay to give it a Twizzler. Here’s how to determine if the bird is hungry enough to digest a Twizzler.

The first step is to look at the bird’s body language. If the bird is relaxed and sitting upright, it most likely isn’t too hungry yet. If the bird hunches over or looks nervously around, it may need food. If the bird appears aggressive or hungry, it may be ready to eat a Twizzler.

If the bird is still not too hungry, another option is to try giving it a grape. Grapes are high in sugar and can help satisfy a bird’s hunger until it can find food elsewhere.


Yes, birds can consume Twizzlers! As long as the Twizzlers are cut into small pieces, not in large chunks or strips, they should be safe for birds to eat. However, you might want to keep a close eye on your bird if it starts eating a lot of Twizzlers because sugar is not good for their health.

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