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Ashley Graham net worth, self-love, lifestyle and bio

Ashley Graham (October 30, 1987) is an American plus size model who managed to break all the schemes imposed by the ruthless entertainment industry. Her beauty and talent have led her to be on the cover of prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Glamor and Sports Illustrated. In the Ashley Graham net worth and bio, you will have a story full of inspiration and self-love, so you cannot miss it.

Ashley Graham Biography

During her childhood, Ashley Graham never thought that she would become a supermodel, as her overweight was always the source of teasing from her peers. In addition to this situation, the striking brunette suffered from dyslexia and attention deficit, so it was quite difficult for her to do well in her studies.

Ashley Graham net worth

Her mother was always her source of inspiration, as she always instilled in her to be strong and not to feel sorry for herself. For this reason, the then girl always knew that she wanted to be a model and she was going to achieve it however she was.

One day, she was walking in a shopping center with some friends, where she was discovered by a talent scout. She was barely 12 years old, but this did not stop her from risking each of her goals within the ruthless fashion industry.

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Ashley Graham net worth

In 2016, Ashley Graham fulfilled a dream that seemed impossible for a plus-size model: to be the cover of Sports Illustrated, which gave her an image of an international superstar. Ashley Graham net worth is around 10.5 million dollars.

Ashley Graham: breaking all beauty canons

Just a year after being discovered, she signed a contract with the prestigious modeling agency Wilhelmina Models, with which she did various campaigns. Later, Ashley was hired by Ford Models, where she had greater visibility for fashion companies.

Ashley Graham moved to New York City at the age of 17, wishing for better job opportunities. In this city, she managed to pose for magazines such as Vogue, YM, Harper’s Bazaar and Glamor.

Around this time, the Nebraska native met cameraman Justin Ervin, whom she married just a year after they officially began their romance.

Her growing fame led to her being called up for the production of the popular American reality show America’s Next Top Model, where she was a member of the jury. The model served as an inspiration to her fledgling colleagues seeking an opportunity in the fashion industry.


Despite having achieved unimagined in the fashion industry, Ashley Graham does not escape public criticism. Some point her out for being overweight (since the scale shows 83 kilos), while others attack her for having lost weight compared to her beginnings.

Don’t let your weight define who you are. If I had thought about the flaccidity of my legs or how big my breasts are, I would not be here today.

Despite the haters, Ashley Graham’s bank accounts are on the rise. In 2017, for example, it had a turnover of 5.5 million dollars, which positioned her as the highest-paid plus size model in the world.

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