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21st Birthday Gifts for Her: What to Give Her on Birthday

When a friend’s birthday approaches, we must give him a gift that we believe may be to his liking. But when the birthday is for a woman, sometimes we can think that these are more demanding, so we do not want to screw up and we squeeze our brains to get it right. Rest easy, though, because we’re not that hard to please! From clothing and accessories to music CDs, books and jewelry, you have a wide range of possibilities. With this useful guide, it will be easy for 21st birthday gifts for her.

21st birthday gifts for her

For 21st birthday gifts for her, these items will be pleased her.

Clothes and accessories

First of all, a sure hit: clothing is one of the gifts most valued by women, especially for those who love fashion: tops, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes. However, consider well this gift before you do it because many people don’t like others to choose their outfit and maybe wanting to return it. Therefore, if you want to make sure you should opt for a gift voucher for the amount of money that you consider appropriate so that she can buy the clothes she prefers in her favorite store. Also, if you are a boy, but you are not her partner or if you do not have much confidence in her, you better forget to buy her lingerie so as not to lead to confusion.

As for accessories, she values ​​sunglasses, scarves, scarves, gloves, bags, but above all jewelry, since this always ends up being a perfect gift: women are great collectors of earrings, necklaces and bracelets!


Also, if the birthday girl is your wife or girlfriend, you can give her a nice gold or silver ring, some sophisticated necklace or beaded earrings. For this, the indicated thing is that you use the opinion of a friend that you have in common or of her mother or sister. So, she can advise you if you do not have much idea of ​​jewelry or the style that your girl likes. Once you choose, you can inscribe something nice, be it a date, your names or some symbolic phrase in your relationship to personalize the gift.

Cultural Gifts

Below you can consider cultural gifts. In this case, you should think about the tastes of the birthday woman and choose based on them. For example, a music CD is usually a good gift if you have a favorite group or singer. Even if you have been looking for a vintage CD or record that is currently almost impossible to get now. It is sure to surprise you in a good way! On the other hand, if the birthday girl is an inveterate film buff, you can choose to buy her the complete series that she has seen so many times or the DVD of a movie that excites her, or one that you have seen together and with which she can remember that good time with you.

Finally, it is not superfluous to find out his literary preferences and bet on the novel by its favorite author or a subject that you are passionate about, whether it is in physical format or an ebook. If you opt for this option, we recommend that to earn more points. You get the author of the book to write an autograph dedication included inside, something you can achieve if you go to a book signing that they do at fairs or bookstores.

Subscription to a magazine

On the other hand, you could also take into account some of his tastes to give him a subscription to a magazine on a subject of interest. For example, if you like a sport, buy the annual subscription to a magazine of that specific sport, or if you are a fan of gossip, do the same with any publication of that category to which you are addicted.

Other gifts for her

Other gifts you can give a woman for her birthday are a beautiful bouquet accompanied by a beautiful greeting card dedicated by you, a romantic stay in a hotel, a day at a spa, a relaxing massage session, tickets for the concert of your favorite music group. If you are a sports fan, gift her a voucher for a tennis game. A gift to make a difference? Bet on a lot of lottery tickets or other games of chance, with which you could win a little money if you’re lucky! If you want to break the norm, we suggest you to do a birthday prank call! It is unusual to do it on her day but as the quote goes “laughter is the best medicine”. Make sure it will make her laugh, not cry!

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